Jackson hole here we go!!! September 2019

Have a short trip booked at he end of the month to Yellowstone and Tetons! Found a great deal on hotels.com was going to get a swank hotel. I decided no way, husband not with me I’m solo right!!! So my idea of a great vacation is not being in a hotel. Saved myself about 450 dollars that day.

My drive above to my hotel. The airport sets right inside the Grand Tetons. Beautiful place! God was partial to the Midwestern side of the USA. I was told a blizzard might come this weekend and I’m super excited about that. Leaving 90 degrees hot and humidity in the south. Can I get a shout out for a BLIZZARD!!!!! On my way to Mountain Modern Hotel, I liked this hotel, good latte’s walking distance from town and only about 1 hour to Yellowstone. Hotel only cost about $126 a night, very clean and good for solo travelers. Not a place for a honeymoon but it was perfect for me for the long weekend. For more information about this hotel visit


Moose is Loose. 5 minutes left of the tour and Bullwinkle showed himself. Wyoming sept 2019

September is a great time to visit Wyoming! Crowds are less get to see foliage and snow. Weather could not be better. Animals come out more this time of year also. I take lyft or take tours that have been booked in advance, like book months before your trip. Hard to see wildlife if you’re driving and the tour guides know where the animals go.

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Dental hygienists by trade, beauty guru at heart and travel junkie by choice. This site will be about local and out of the country trips. My travels are inspired by outdoor, nature, animals and beautiful scenery. I try to go somewhere I have never been every 2 months. I have affiliate links throughout my website and if anything is purchased here, I can receive a commission payment.

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